Written by: Tim Oerlemans | Published on: 2021-09-22

The science of getting started

I wanted to start a blog for as long as I can remember. But I never did it. I was always waiting for some inspiration for that perfect first blog post. But it never came. Last month, I decided to try again. I added a blog segment to this website, but I never released it because I had yet to write the perfect first post. So, of course, I did not release it.

But then I had a conversation with Ákos Kőműves and Florin Pop on Twitter this morning about this problem. Ákos told me he had the same problem as I did until he decided to start and publish articles. Then Florin challenged me to write a blog post of at least 200 words today, and well... Here we are.

This article will probably suck. My next post will probably suck as well. But that's okay because I'm learning from it. There's a big chance nobody will even read this post or the next one or the one after that. But that's okay too because I'm learning from it.

But I finally did it! I finally started a blog. It took me years, but I did it. So if you're reading this post and you are not me, let me know. Because I'd love to meet the one person who actually read this blog post!